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Welcome to Kempf Paper  
The leading paper converting company in the Midwest! 


Located in Northeast Minneapolis Kempf Paper was established in 1976. Providing service to web printers throughout the Midwest for forty-four years

Web Inventory
Roll Converting

Just in Time

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Cutting parent rolls from inventory




 We keep a deep and complete stock of common and special product on hand.  Use our bulk buying power and on-hand inventory to benefit your company with quick-turn converting at a great price! 

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Converting customer supplied material 




Cut your rolls to your specific size, OD, core size and weight.  Our lean-processes and abundant inventory of equipment make Kempf your ideal partner for resizing.  We offer some of the quickest order turn-around times in the industry.   

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Custom customer dedicated inventory stock and release programs

Let Kempf be your on-time delivery partner to lower costs and improve delivery times.  We have the room and resources to hold your inventory and distribute/release it to you as needed.   

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Standard On-Hand Stock Available 



We buy paper in bulk, let our volume purchases work to improve your margins, and expedite getting product in your hands.  We inventory over 9000 tons of roll stock in our 175,000 sq/ft facility.

We have a deep inventory of common paper types, weights and finishes.  Purchase and work from our vast inventory to speed delivery times to you. 

Large Paper Rolls

Our Mill Partners

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Graphic Packaging

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